the somethingness of our universe

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss addresses the edgiest topic of all: how all the somethingness of our universe could have arisen from nothingness without divine intervention. The video prompted Krauss to write his newly published book on the subject, “A Universe From Nothing.” Krauss’ book isn’t the only one to claim that God’s not needed for the creation of the universe. British physicist Stephen Hawking, a good friend of Krauss’, made a similar point in his own most recent book, “The Grand Design.” A key point in the argument is that the positive energy bound up in matter is balanced by negative gravitational-field energy. From the quantum perspective, the total energy of the universe is pretty much zero. Thus, the energy of “nothingness” is conserved, even when somethingness enters the picture. The youtube video has been viewed over a million times and is worth the hour to ponder the grand questions.


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