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the planets move…site of the day

Stumbled on this totally cool dynamic galaxy view. The swf file shows the planets and moons moving around their resepected object in space. It is coupled with a speed switch and time indicator. Way cool. […]


Layers, Visual Spaces and Microsites

Been researching best in class microsites and contemplating the effectiveness of agency created microsites. Some rich media concepts for corporations call for a desired separate microsites to convey a message , product and or solution. […]


youtube time machine

Ran across this totally awesome site. The youtube time machine. This is a brillant idea to wrap a popular site with conceptual interface and let the user base populate it. Go Web 3.0.


Offical FIFA world cup site

2010 marks the world cup in south africa.  The excitement is high and teams around the world are preparing to see who will emerge as the best team in the world.  Very excited about the […]