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Motorola Xprt

The MOTOROLA XPRT is part business, part casual. It’s an elegant and efficient smartphone that helps you stay productive at work, but also knows when it’s time to play. MOTOROLA XPRT has an optimized portrait-oriented […]



I keep hearing this buzz word in relation to giving out awards on the web for participation like farmville or badges on foursquare etc. But what is it really and does it hold any merit […]


The new mars rover mission

Scientists have decided to point NASA’s next Mars rover toward a mountain of layered minerals inside Gale Crater, after a process of picking the right landing spot. One big reason Gale won out is because […]


End of the space shuttle welcomes the new Boeing CST-100

When Atlantis lands at the end of its current mission, that will spell the end of the 30-year space shuttle program — and the beginning of a years-long hiatus in NASA’s capability to launch humans […]


Sporting KC game

Took the family to see the new Livestrong Sporting Park last weekend. Fabulous facilities and great game. I love cheering for the home team in blue. Skyler and I checking out the stadium.


Google+ is finally here!

Google+ is finally live and working well. Google+ has been dubbed Google’s last chance to break into the social media scene. While early attempts Buzz / Wave / etc did not lead to success for […]


true unlimited access

In Sprint’s new TV commercial, the carrier points out that AT&T Mobility and Verizon “charge you extra for going over 2 GB of data.” “T-Mobile claims they’re unlimited, but use your phone a lot, and […]


social media

Been researching social media lately in order to devise a B2B plan overall. Here are some of the social media resources I have been using for information and news.


July news and info

Its been a busy month already at the online cribb. Mashable Reports: Twitter has acquired comment tracker turned social analytics platform BackType for an undisclosed amount. On the BackType blog, the company says the team […]


Midnight snack

Yum. cupcake is good


Pool on independence day.

Chilling poolside


Firecrackers rule

Black cats right before we blew them away


Wesley cribb celebrating independence day.

Happy fourth!