Monthly Archives: February 2010


classic tab sunday

Wells came in town to celebrate being 40 with Conner and I. 1 plate of meat and a classic tab with lots of ice…trey and band treated us to some smooth jams on a cold […]


Sprint NOW Network

Get your own personal NOW widget online at


Most Innovative Companies 2010 launched their annual Most Innovative Companies online. They have assessed information on thousands of businesses, looking for creative models, real-world impact, far-sighted risk taking, and paradigm-busting execution. They created top 10 lists of the […]


Sprint Supersonic HTC 4G google phone

Hold out on getting that iphone with expensive plan through the spotty ATT network… Because the king of cool phones is on its way. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has told Forbes that his company is […]


Firefox 3.6

Time to upgrade. Firefox has put out a new version of their popular browser this new version works awesome. IT’s 20% faster, more stable and customizable. What else is there to say but download it, […]


Offical FIFA world cup site

2010 marks the world cup in south africa.  The excitement is high and teams around the world are preparing to see who will emerge as the best team in the world.  Very excited about the […]


connected planet online

The new Connected Planet site offers a great variety of information and news surrounding the the telecomm industry. A must read for any telcomm player in today’s world.


htc’s new device lineup for 2010

HTC announced its new device lineup for 2010 and some leaked pictures have surfaced for the different phones. eWeek did an article with the photos and high level specifications. See the full article.


Made it to 40!

Along time coming… Celebrated a birthday this week as I turned 40. Family all came down to party it up cribb birthday style. Thank you all for sharing and caring. I received some wonderful gifts […]


top free photo programs

Its not all about mobile apps… People still use their regular computers and most tech buffs are into photography, like me. ran an article outlining the top free photo programs you can download and […]


Making quark-gluon plasma…yummm

Scientists say the tiny bubbles of plasma they’ve created in a “big bang machine” are the hottest dollops of soup ever seen in the universe, reaching temperatures of several trillion degrees. What’s more, the weird […]


pictures from the space station

The international space station is the perfect spot for taking unique pictures of earth. shows some unique images that have been taken from the space station and gives us a perspective only seen through […]


snow snow snow

What a crazy winter , when is it really going to stop snowing in the midwest? I’m ready for warm summer evenings on the deck. Here is Wes eating some snow last week.


tech ads over the years… recently ran a story with a collection of videos over the years for tech products.  This is worth tyhe trip down memory lane for any tech junky like myself.  I totally forgot how awesome […]


Blogging mobile

Using the wordpress apple app on my new iPod touch. I love the interface and keyboard.


Ipod touch blogger

Sending a test blog from my new iPod touch with the wordpress app. Man the key board is easy to use compared to the android virtual keyboard.


Go Mavericks Hockey!

Kansas City has a new Hockey team. No, not a NHL franchise team at Sprint center like we need but a minor league team playing out in Independence. We went and saw a game and […]


homeade burble

I took down our christmas lights last weekend. Well kind of….I took some of the colored lights and put them in our mega bush outside our front window. Form of a homeade burble. Now the […]