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travel online

original post – 04.16.2006 We’ll it’s vacation time at the cribb and I’ve been spending alot of time on all the major travel sites online. We originally we’re heading to Germany to watch some World […]


the path of totality

Original post – 03.28.2006 Brazil, Africa and western Asia will be witness to one of the most spectactular natural sights that one can see today. A total solar eclipse will be visible along a narrow […]


Blogging 2006

03.26.2006 In looking at today’s web usage of what sites/Internet concepts are hot, one seems to find blogs popping up everywhere. Social Community sites and blog sites are giving way to a whole new communication […]


My ride on the Internet

03.26.2006 Welcome to Liquidcribb’s new voice online. This blog is dedicated to all people out there using the Internet to help guide certain aspects of their lives. I’ve devoted my career to software development and […]


palm pre ecommerce app store is live

Palm Pre’s app store is now live. Palm started accepting applications from developers who wish to charge for their apps in its app store. Palm’s App Catalog e-commerce beta program began today and the full […]


Google Sync and Google Voice

Google Sync The Blackberry used to be the only option for corporate mobile email.  Its proprietary push email capability works great on millions of work phones around the world.  Google Sync is a relatively new product that […]


blackberry app world

Applications is the new golden world in the mobile industries.  The more you have the better off you are.  For avid blackberry users, you must check out Blackberry App World to get the latest and greatest.  […]


yahoo gets a redesign

Yahoo Inc. has rolled out a redesign for several popular sections of its website, including its home page. Yahoo puhsed out its first major redesign of its home page since May 2006 and plans to accommodate more […]


Skyler's second grade photo

My little boy growing up quickly. Here is Skyler’s second grade photo – wild hair and all.


skyfire mobile browser

The free browser, Skyfire recently reached version 1.0, with several improvements.  Currently, Skyfire runs on Windows Mobile (smartphones and PPC) and Nokia N and E Series (Symbian S60, 3rd Edition) phones.  Skyfire is the only mobile browser with full support […]


Blackberry Bold 9700 “Onyx”

Looks like T-Mobile is coming out with their Blackberry (End of year,) and are shooting for the latest Bold device to add to their lineup.  CIO showed an article that was saying this is the […]


Dragons soccer team

We had our first game today with the new Dragons soccer team. Our second grade corinth team narrowly lost a hard battle but showed much potiential out of the gate in a new league with […]


Sprint redefines unlimited mobile to mobile plans

Today, Sprint announced “Any Mobile, Anytime”, a new service plan feature that allows unlimited calling to and from any mobile phone, regardless of carrier. Only calls to landlines, calls while roaming, and international calls are […]


Palm Pixi set for Sprint

Palm and Sprint announced this week that the newest palm phone with the WEBOS will go live later in the year.  They call it the Palm Pixi.  Its like the pre but with out the […]


New moon over the Earth

A gibbous moon is visible above Earth’s atmosphere, photographed by a member of the space shuttle Discovery’s crew on Aug. 30.


Galaxy cam

The spiral galaxy NGC 1097 takes on a beautiful swirl in this infrared view, produced by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and published on July 23. The “eye” at the center of the galaxy is actually […]


Skyler rides the Mamba!

Skyler and I hit all the big roller coasters at WOF this weekend as he is finally tall enough to ride the big ones. Here are the pics of us conquering the Mamba. Remember your […]


worlds of fun – 2009

Well, we finally made out to Worlds of Fun this weekend as we have made it a plan to hit the park each year at the end of the summer to celebrate. This kids had […]


last pool day…

Last week we squeezed in one last pool day for the summer. Boy am I gonna miss the great mild summer we had in the midwest this year. Here are a couple of final summer […]


Sprint Google phone announced!

The first wireless device combining the open and innovative Android platform with the high-speed connectivity of Sprint’s 3G network, EV-DO Rev. A. Today, Sprint announced the upcoming arrival of the much-anticipated HTC Hero with Google. […]