Monthly Archives: January 2010


Top 100 companies to work for

In these trying times working for a great company is on everyones minds.  Fortune recently releases the top 100 companies to work for.  SAS moved into the number one spot.  Is your company on here?  […]


3D Rocks

There has been so much buzz around Avatar and the future of 3-D, I begin to wonder how it this technology being harness, how does it work and where is it headed.   It looks like […]


new years party

We rung in the new years with the Conner clan. Thanks to Scott and crew for coming over to celebrate breaking the new year in right.


Iphone version 4 rumors

Fast Company and a bunch of news streams are speculating on Apples next move. No, not the apple tablet. There are rumors about the latest version of the iphone and what it may be. iphone […]


Is the new Apple tablet called iSlate?

There has been so much buzz around tablet computers lately. CES show is in Vegas this week breaking out new tablets, ereaders, phones, and netbooks. But, everyone is holding on to see what Apple has […]


Cosmic events for 2010

Cosmic Log put out a great overview of what to expect in the celestial skies in 2010.  I’ll be watching. How do you follow up on the “Eclipse of the Century” and a magic act […]


what will technology bring us in 2010?

What will technology bring us in the coming decade?  Below is a very limited list of technology break-through concepts and products.  Each was faced with opposition and then adoption. Tech Crunch thinks they have the […]


Gadgets of the Decade

Everyone loves new gadgets.  Fast Company did a end of year article on the top gadgets of this last decade.  I certainly have all these gadgets… except my dyson cleaner always had problems and now […]


Snow sledding over the holiday break

Since we have gotten so much snow we had to take a day for some sledding around town. Here are a few shots of the family hitting the slopes.


Snowball Fight!

They boys and I had a snowball fight yesterday out in the snow. We got dumped on over the holiday break and what a better way to start the new year than a snowball fight.


Happy Birthday Wesley – Number 4

Happy Birthday Wes! We had a family party to celebrate Wesley forth birthday this week. He had been in heaven playing with all the awesome presents he received. Thanks so much, says Wes.


Christmas at the cribb

The family had a great christmas. Here is a few shots of the boys xmas morning showing full joy over christmas presents received from Santa.