Monthly Archives: April 2010


xm sirius satellite radio android app

That’s right, how cool is this going to be? Imaging firing up your sprint EVO 4G phone clicking on the xm sirius app and streaming all 120 satellite radio stations right through your mobile device. […]


Sprint 4G ipad…oh yes its true

Sprint has beat At&t to the punch to offer what people really need is 4G to power their new ipad. Sprint has put together a nice new package with their 4G Overdrive mobile hotspot and […]


Sprint – the now network


easter at thecribb

Ha. The easter egg hunt is on. Fabulous spring weather and the kids had a great time over the weekend. Ate a great Mercer meal at mom’s and chilled on the porch with the family.


Google goes Topeka

Google has a handful of April Fool spoofs with google jail and their home screen today has the google logo reading Topeka. Kansas that is. You may of heard that Topeka changed their name to […]


ipad crazy

The twitter buzz is all over the ipad as the masses are starting to get their hands on the new Apple ipad. Some of it seems to be calling it the greatest thing since sliced […]