Monthly Archives: April 2009


handsome man

Wesley’s school pictures came in and they turned out good.  Here is the handsome man in March 2009 at his day care.


take your kid to work day

Skyler came and spent the day at work with me last week at take you kid to work day. It was a blast. We had him set up with a sweet phone to keep in […]



We found a dead bat in the back yard tonight and Wesley decided that he would become batboy in order to ward off any more bats.


Mobile Cribb Intro

Welcome to the mobile cribb.  This blog was created to share all things mobile and unplugged from the grid.  I switched industries a few years back to focus on online development in the telecom world […]


Welcome to the online cribb

This blog is dedicated to my life’s work – staying connected online.  This blog will feature design, usability, strategy and information for today’s top web sites.  We will break it down and pick it apart…come […]


easter weekend at the cribb

We had a great easter weekend catching up with friends and family. We wrangled the kids just long enough to take a family photo. I’m also including a classic picture of Mr. Garry Cribb eating […]


easter egg hunt

Phase one of marketing easter is over. This morning we had our annual easter egg hunt in the new backyard. The boys were so fired up over an easter egg hunt I thought some one […]


headbangers ball

I’ve been working with the kids on their headbanging skills. Here is a warm up this morning we had to some Metallica. [youtube=]


school open house

Skyler’s school had an open house last week and put on a play. They even had a guest appearance by Abe Lincoln.


Scooby Doo

We have watched so much Scooby Doo lately that Wesley is starting to talk in a “Shaggy” voice.  He also has “Scooby” Doo voice down.  Rilarious. [youtube=]


Summer Concerts?

I am getting fired up for some good shows this summer.  Here is a KC based list of shows coming to town this summer.  Although I’m broke and have no phish  ticket to lead me […]


Corinth Fire kicks off

The Corinth Fire first grade boys soccer team kicked off their first game of the season.  Both teams  took command today and won their games by decend margin.  Here is Sky man before the game. […]


Colorado Trip

Since we did not get to go back to our cabin in Colorado over spring break this year, I have posted one of our 2008 vacation pics on the mountain with the family.