Monthly Archives: October 2011


Shopper 2.0

You see it as you go down the aisles of Walmart, Costco or any department store or supermarket: Customers with one hand on their cart and the other on their smartphone, price-comparison shopping and looking […]


Sporting Skyler Cribb

Skyler got to go to Sprint clinic out at Livestrong Park and play/meet with the Sporting KC crew. Here he is hanging out with Matt Besler, Seth Sinovic and Chance Meyers.


grade school photos

The boys got their school photos back today. Skyler is in 4th grade and Wesley is in Kindergarden. These boys are something else, let me tell you.


Best Monday ever!

Kids had school off today so I stayed at home with them. We had monday morning movie day, which is a brand new thing. Took off and spent the afternoon in the park throwing the […]