Monthly Archives: August 2010


Infographic of the top web sites today

You could read a boring old list of the web’s most popular website — or you could check out this sprawling infographic by Nmap.It was created by using a web script to scrape the favicons […]


The basics – how to choose a cell phone provider

PC mag did a recent article with a very fair assessment on the ins and outs of selecting a cell phone provider. The conclusions fall on the last page but reference Sprint and TMobile the […]


Wonders of the natural world

Ran across a site with some great shots of odd, strange and beautiful photos of natural occurances in our world. This blog provides a good overview of a few different types of natural wonders experienced […]


strange weather phenomena

With the start of the hurricane season, storm chasers are getting busy with their video cams. Weather is very strange thing and here are a view crazy weather phenomena. Fire Tornado As if a tornado […]


Mercer birthday party

Grandma Cribb turned 90 this summer and the kids all roadtripped through the midwest to Mercer. Had a great day hanging out with the extended family. Here is a shot of grandma with all her […]


Old Faithful Web Cam

Yellowstone National Park’s first video web cam is now up and running. This full-motion, live-streaming webcam is located near Old Faithful Geyser and brings online visitors views of several other geysers in the area. When […]