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its beginning to look a lot like christmas

The cribbs are gearing up for christmas 2009. We have been to visit santa, had our holiday parties, got out and enjoyed the holiday shopping season, and are ready to celebrate. Here are a few […]


Even SNL is getting in on the fun…

Saturday Night Live threw in a jab to ATT and the iphone this week.  Every one seems to be jumping on the band wagon to slam ATT and Apple over theire self proclaimed greatness.  I […]


Happy Birthday Scout

ODB turned 13 this week! Unfortunately we spent it in the Vet hospital. Poor Scout is sick and it might be the end of his career. He is producing no platelets in his blood and […]


the christmas tree has been located

Skyler and Wesley picked out the tree this year and its another year of christmas cheer.


Android Marketplace hits 20K apps

Android market place is growing at a rapid pace and just passed 20,000  apps at the marketplace. reports that 62% of the apps are free and the other 38% are pay for apps.  Mobile […]


Cribb boys photo session

The boys got some pictures taken this holiday season. I love the stand up one that shows the different sizes they are at 7 and 3. So cute.


Twitter 101 ran an article last week on how to write better tweets.  Twitter’s 140-character message format demands concise, engaging writing, and that’s a skill that a lot of people just don’t have. Here’s practical, expert […]


Chat features are a big hit for online shoppers

Biz report has an interesting article to support your next chat initative.  They report, “Over three-quarters of U.S. shoppers surveyed for BoldChat’s research into the effectiveness of live chat technology said the most common reason […]


Can technology provide us with a sixth sense?

TED site has a video of Pattie Maes’ speech in February that dabbles in the technology around providing us humans with the desired sixth sense. Pattie runs a lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry […]


Web 2.0 can enhance your Innovation Strategy

CIO magazine featured a timely article today on, ” Four Tips for Getting Good ROI from Web 2.0 Projects.” This article features Embarq’s use of the Jive platform with in their organization to enhance communication […]


Blackberry Shortcuts

Anybody that is a crack berry user should gve this article a read. I myself have struggled a bit on utilization of shortcuts for mobile and/or pc’s but, this day and age, I need to […]


Mobile Netbooks – the new rage

The new buzz word in the mobile and tech industry that you may be hearing alot about is the term Netbooks. Netbooks, are laptops that have gained popularity quickly in the the midst of slowing […]


iphone and at&t honeymoon is over?

Apparently the news has finally come out about the terms of AT&T agreements with Apple to be the exclusive carrier. After much speculation it seems that it was only a three year deal. Of course […]


Mobile Blogging with Google

Google recently released a less complicated way of linking up your phone with one or more of your Blogger blogs. It put the settings to post to a specific blog through your phone or e-mail […]


Online Communities transforming customer experience

How about some presentations from our own Sprint community? Tristan put this together a while back before our community redesign. How Online Community Transforms Customer Experience View more presentations from buzzaboutwireless.


Product Development – Agile vs. Waterfall

The debate continues on how different these approaches are… Product Development View more presentations from John Gibbon.


Product Devlopment Strategy

This presentation seems like they have covered some of the key concepts that I have seen as of late. New Product Development Strategy View more presentations from Yodhia Antariksa.


Web 2.0 Project Management

I am reposting this SlideShare Presentation done last year at Web 2.0 expo by by Dan Olsen. It contains some great information on UI design tenents and role of PM with in Web Projects. Web 2.0 […]


Web 2.0 – Social Media Trilogy – Vital Components for an Enterprise Strategy

Check out this SlideShare presentation done at 2009 Web 2.0 expo in San Francisco: Web 2.0 – Social Media Trilogy – Vital Components for an Enterprise Strategy View more presentations from gerardodada.


Launching Successful Web Enhancements

Testing is such an important part of bringing your Web Enhancements to production. It should not be overlooked. This article “15 essential checks before launching your Web site” provides a good high level overview of […]