Monthly Archives: May 2009


memorial day salute

This is my memorial day salute to an honored vet that served in World War II, my grandpa Wayne Shroyer. Thanks for serving our contry and I honor you.


Skyler riding his mongoose for the first time

Well, Skyler finally turned the corner on riding his bike and figured it out tonight.  He has some work to do before he starts doing endos but I think he got it. [youtube=]



Quote of the night on cinco de mayo was made by Wes… After riding his scooter for awhile after school, he comes in plops off his shoes and says, ” Dad smell my feet” and […]


prom night

Ha. Not really.  Here is the lovely laura headed out to Megan’s bachelorette party last weekend.  She got mad at me because I was taking too long for a picture and it brought back some […]