Monthly Archives: August 2011


Sporting KC with the family

Having so much fun going out to Livestrong Sporting park to see KC battle it out for the playoffs this year. Whole family came out to the game this weekend , beautiful night.


Skyler sees his first Chiefs game!

Took Skyler to his first chiefs game on Friday night…preseason against the Rams. So much fun.


the social media numbers

Social Media numbers… 695 MILLION – Number of Facebook users. 148+ MILLION – Number of Linkedin users. 140 MILLION – Number of tweets created each day. 2.5 BILLION – Number of visits Facebook, Twitter and […]


sprint biz 360

Sprint’s new campaign came out this week to provide Solutions to Small Business. Sprint Biz360 is a concept for providing products and services that fit together to meet your business needs. Check out the new […]