Monthly Archives: February 2009


Finally a snow storm, brrr…

It’s snowing!  Finally a snow storm in Kansas City.  If it’s going to be cold, then it might as well snow here in Kansas/Missouri.  Last night we got a few inches and I’m trying to […]


Muscle Cars Rock.

Just got back from going to the world of wheels with the family and pops cribb. I remember Dad taking us to the show back in the day and I’m still impressed by the design […]


Spring Soccer Season is near…

Hello futbol fans.  The spring soccer season is getting close to starting.  Skyler is playing for the Overland Park Soccer Club in the U7 division and I will be coaching his team.  Still working on our […]


State of the Union Address

Last night President Obama addressed America and Congress on the new concept for RECOVERY…It was an inspiring and optimistic speech that outlined the economic stimulus plan for Healthcare, Education and Energy.  In the spirit of […]


Fat tuesday!

Bon ton roulet!  It’s fat Tuesday and that means – time to party.  Unless you are, like me, sitting in a grey cube in corporate craziness.  I went to Marti Gras back in 1990 with […]


cozy up to the fire

We were cold last night so the boys and I made a roaring fire.  Here is Wesley sitting shotgun at the fire spot.


the last year of being young!

Well well well I’m now into my last year of being young.  Family came down to celebrate my 39th birthday party. Thank to all for the wonderful gifts. I don’t feel middle aged…


Web 2.0 expo 2009

Well, due to the recession and budget cuts across the country by all big corporations, it does not look like I will be attending the Web 2.0 expo this year in person. I have been […]


out to eat

Thanks Dad for coming down to stay with the boys on Friday.  Seems like they were talking about “Jose” Grandpa all weekend. We got out and had a great dinner at the Elephant bar out in […]


dreaming of a vacation…

The cribb family has booked their trip to the Caribbean Islands to party it up for the week and attend Chris and Megan’s wedding.  Looking forward to warm days slacking around a beach with a […]


Winter is too long in the midwest!

Man the winters just drag on an on in the midwest.  Its been months since a BBQ and soccer game in the backyard.  The kids are doing ok but only continue to stay occupied if […] new blog

Welcome visitors from the Web. has undergone a transformation of sorts.  This blog will serve as the new news and updates section for site. has decided to keep the family multimedia files […]