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Winter sticking around

The cold snap in the Midwest keeps rolling on and on in the early days of 2014.  It’s march and spring is coming but not soon enough. Here are some shots over the last few […]


Autumn summer last days

Summer is coming to a close and we have sixth grader and the second grader headed off to school for the 2013/2014 School year. Last year for them to be at the same grade school as […]


Back to school

Here is a shot of the boys on day one… Fall 2012 . Can’t believe summer is over.


Fathers Day

Had a get together at Garry’s house on fathers day. Loved seeing all the dads and kids kicking it. Ate some good food and watched the royals beat the cardnials.


Elizabeth Cribb turned one

Ellie turned one this summer and had an awesome birthday party out at the park. She mowed into her cake and had a blast.


mothers day 2012

Super nice weather for mother’s day weekend this past weekend. Here are some shots of a few of the wonderful moms in our family.


Zeus! week one at the cribb

Ha. After much family debate we landed on Zeus for our little doggies name. Been calling him snoop dogg and accidently scout alot. However zeus is a pretty awesome name, the god of sky and […]


Skyler Cribb turns a decade old

Happy Birthday to my boy Skyler.  My big boy just turned 10 this week.  


spring break road trip

Ok, so not quite like the South Padre trips we took in the 90’s. But, this trip will be fun nonetheless. The Cribb clan are headed to Memphis to visit Graceland then on to sweet […]


Happy 6th Birthday Wesley Cribb

Happy birthday to my little man Wesley. You are such a great kid and I have enjoyed hanging out with you this holiday break. Love you wes.


mecum car auction – friday afternoon

Dad and I took the afternoon off and when down to the mecum car auction on Friday. Hands down the best autoshow that I have everbeen to. 800 totally kick ass cars auctioned off this […]


happy thanksgiving

So happy to give thanks to my wonderful family. Had a great turkey day and I’m extremely thankful for my health, the kids and my blessed life.


Scoring on the field at Livestrong Park.

Wes and Sky both had the opportunity to go on the field after a Sporting KC game and take some shots. Both scored a goal on the field at Livestrong.


fathers day

I spent last Sunday around the house chilling with my family and went up north to pay my respects to my old man. The kids got me a mizzou royals hat. Thanks laura and craigslist.


Skyler turns 9!

Over spring break Skyler had his 9th birthday. We just got back from St. Louis and he stay the night at Grandma and Grandpas. The next day we had family down and a week later […]


boys night out

Took the boys down to sprint center the other night to see the harlem globetrotters. We are keeping busy this winter as the cold continues to drag on. Here is a shot of us bundled […]


Snow Daze

Another snow day here in the Midwest means Todd on confernce calls while the kids beat each other up and watch TV all day. Laura took the boys to Suicide hill for some much needed […]


Scout Cribb – RIP 11/06/2010

Sad Day for the Cribb’s. Our beloved dog Scout passed away today after 14 years hanging out with the Cribb Clan. Scout has been my best friend for a long time and I will miss […]


Boys on the first day of school

Here are my boys ready for school. Skyler is in 3rd grade and Wesley is attending preschool.


Mercer birthday party

Grandma Cribb turned 90 this summer and the kids all roadtripped through the midwest to Mercer. Had a great day hanging out with the extended family. Here is a shot of grandma with all her […]