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Winter sticking around

The cold snap in the Midwest keeps rolling on and on in the early days of 2014.  It’s march and spring is coming but not soon enough. Here are some shots over the last few […]


Autumn summer last days

Summer is coming to a close and we have sixth grader and the second grader headed off to school for the 2013/2014 School year. Last year for them to be at the same grade school as […]


double rainbows!

Its been a great year for double rainbows. We have seen two of them this year! The first one was before the open cup championship game that sporting kc won (great night) and the other […]


Zeus! week one at the cribb

Ha. After much family debate we landed on Zeus for our little doggies name. Been calling him snoop dogg and accidently scout alot. However zeus is a pretty awesome name, the god of sky and […]


our new cribb dog…

We got a new puppy today! 8 Week old yellow lab from a local breeder. He is super cute. Not settled on a name yet – trying out a few…what kind of name¬†does he look […]


Skyler Cribb turns a decade old

Happy Birthday to my boy Skyler.¬† My big boy just turned 10 this week.  


Happy 6th Birthday Wesley Cribb

Happy birthday to my little man Wesley. You are such a great kid and I have enjoyed hanging out with you this holiday break. Love you wes.


happy thanksgiving

So happy to give thanks to my wonderful family. Had a great turkey day and I’m extremely thankful for my health, the kids and my blessed life.


Best Monday ever!

Kids had school off today so I stayed at home with them. We had monday morning movie day, which is a brand new thing. Took off and spent the afternoon in the park throwing the […]


wesley looses his first tooth

Ha. My little man lost his first tooth today. No big story about a string and a door. Tooth fell out at the dentist but you bet he has it tight under his pillow as […]


Camp Cribb

Working on week four of the powerwashing and staining the deck project this weekend. Took a break from work and set up the tent Saturday night for some good old fashion fall camping in the […]


Labor Day Pirates

Lounging around the house this weekend. Its Labor day, college football is on, boys have their pirate gear out and there is alot of arghhhh type grunting going on. Loving that its fall!


Wesley cribb celebrating independence day.

Happy fourth!


elizabeth lynn cribb is here

Chris and megan had their baby this week. Little Elizabeth Lynn Cribb arrived and is doing great. So cute, love babies.


Skyler broke his shoulder

Eeckkkk. 4 hours into summer break and skyler jumps a curb on his bike flips over and wipes out. Fat lip and a broken shoulder to start memorial day weekend. Poor kid! Still planning on […]


Christmas vacation

is over… bummer. But we had so much fun hanging out as a family. Here are the boys gaming away at their psp’s, at least they are not fighting at this particular time.


Happy 5th Birthday Wesley!

My little boy Wes turned 5 last week and we have been celebrating all week. He is growing up so big and I’m proud of him.


The Holiday's are upon us!

Greeting and Salutations. The cribb holiday season is finally here after a crazy busy year. Got My Sprint Business delivered, broke up thousands of wrestling matches between the boys, got a new job and promotion, […]


Christmas Lights!

We are getting into the christmas spirit here at the cribb. The christmas burble is shining bright in the front yard in Leawood this year and we have made it down to the plaza to […]


Scout Cribb – RIP 11/06/2010

Sad Day for the Cribb’s. Our beloved dog Scout passed away today after 14 years hanging out with the Cribb Clan. Scout has been my best friend for a long time and I will miss […]