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Cribb boys fall soccer at a new club

Had a blast watching the boys kick off the fall season of 2014 both playing for a new club, Sporting BV.     


mecum car auction – friday afternoon

Dad and I took the afternoon off and when down to the mecum car auction on Friday. Hands down the best autoshow that I have everbeen to. 800 totally kick ass cars auctioned off this […]


wesley looses his first tooth

Ha. My little man lost his first tooth today. No big story about a string and a door. Tooth fell out at the dentist but you bet he has it tight under his pillow as […]


Scout Cribb – RIP 11/06/2010

Sad Day for the Cribb’s. Our beloved dog Scout passed away today after 14 years hanging out with the Cribb Clan. Scout has been my best friend for a long time and I will miss […]


MU Homecoming 2010

Oh man, 24 hours in good ole Columbia. CJ’s / Shakespear’s / Harpos / Old Heidelberg / Faurot Field / Greek Town / Campus / Bud Van…Conner and I stepped up to party college style […]


Made it to 40!

Along time coming… Celebrated a birthday this week as I turned 40. Family all came down to party it up cribb birthday style. Thank you all for sharing and caring. I received some wonderful gifts […]


take your kid to work day

Skyler came and spent the day at work with me last week at take you kid to work day. It was a blast. We had him set up with a sweet phone to keep in […]


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a fabulous 80’s degree day here in the Midwest.  I had off work for Skyler’s spring break so… actually a sprint break.  We headed down to the parade and met up later with Grandma […]