Monthly Archives: March 2010


itunes tip – deleting all not found songs

A while back I moved around some mp3s on my hard drives in order to organize and free up some space. Now in itunes there are 10000 or so songs not found. You know the […]


htc evo – the worlds first 4G phone

Well ok, the phone is not going to be called Supersonic (which I kind of like) but, it is going to be super high on the awesome scale.  Dan Hesse announced yesteday at CTIA and […]


first day of spring … my arse

After a spring tease this week another big snow storm blew in on the first day of spring here in the Midwest. We have 8 inches and counting. The good thing is I have quit […]


Happy Birthday Skyler – Big 8!

Our little boy Skyler is growing up. He turned 8 today! We opened some presents , played a soccer game and prepped for a 5 man slumber party with all 8 year olds. Eccckkk.


water park on break

Took the kids to Coco Key water resort over break this year. They were so happy and had a blast. Spring break for Todd is alot different than it was 20 years ago.


spring is coming…

Had one great day on Thursday hanging around the cribb with 65 degree weather with plenty of warm sunshine. Hung out with the kids all day and even squeezed in some time to paint trim […]


Test it before you buy it online at Sprint

Did you ever buy a cellphone that you had seen pictures of, read the specs of, dreamed of owning, and then when you took it home, you hated it? Sprint is now offering “DemoAnywhere” a […]


Sprint Nexus One coming soon

It seems like all the major US mobile providers want a Google Nexus One that is compatible with their network and to help build their customer base. First came the Nexus One in January to […]


Cribb's are going green.

A Wednesday off work? I don’t know what to do with myself. Mess around and drink beer. Check. In honor of St. Patrick the Cribb family put on our green and headed out for a […]


.com turns 25!

It was 25 years ago — March 15, 1985 — that the first dot-com domain name — — appeared on the Internet, ushering in the commercial age of the World Wide Web. Having a […]


Verizon launching new Web interface published a piece this week about an upcoming web launch for Verizon. Not sure of the tipster or timing of the new launch. Looks like Verizon is currently working on a new My Verizon […]


iphone Apps for business users

Infoworld recently posted a top ten list for great iphone apps for business users. There are approximately 10,000 apps on the apple app store. User based popular rankings help but, I’d like to see more […]


Google Liquid Galaxy Demo at TED

The latest 20 percent Google project, is quite different from anything we’ve seen so far. Oddly dubbed the Liquid Galaxy, it’s a chamber in which the viewer is surrounded by LCDs displaying synchronized imagery from […]


Soccer, Pizza and the Burble

Saturday Night out with the boys. Played an indoor soccer game and then went and got some pizza with the family. Snapped the last and final picture of the Burble before we dismantle it for […]


still cold…

Well its still cold here in the Midwest waiting for each day to get warmer. Here are a few shots of the boys around the ‘hood. Taking a few days off around St. Patty Day […]


our neighboring galaxy

NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, highlights the Andromeda Galaxy in one of the first images sent down from orbit. This image, released Feb. 17, combines data from all four of WISE’s infrared detectors. […]


Our sun is active

Fiery arcs rise above an active region on the surface of the sun in this image taken by NASA’s STEREO (Behind) spacecraft on Jan. 27. The arcs are plasma, superheated matter made up of moving […]