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field level perspective

Took the whole gang to the Royals game today… the rain held out and the Royals pulled out a rare win over the White Sox. After the game, took the boys down to run the […]


new years party

We rung in the new years with the Conner clan. Thanks to Scott and crew for coming over to celebrate breaking the new year in right.


riding in style

Last weekend we kicked around town on a limo to celebrate. Clearly, it was all clean fun as indicated by Eric with a positive thumbs up.


Scooby Doo

We have watched so much Scooby Doo lately that Wesley is starting to talk in a “Shaggy” voice.  He also has “Scooby” Doo voice down.  Rilarious. [youtube=]


Summer Concerts?

I am getting fired up for some good shows this summer.  Here is a KC based list of shows coming to town this summer.  Although I’m broke and have no phish  ticket to lead me […]