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Summer fun in KC

We had so much fun this summer of 2013.  We played a bunch of baseball, blew up firecrackers, went to see the royals play several times, hit all the sporting games, took in a panic […]


happy thanksgiving

So happy to give thanks to my wonderful family. Had a great turkey day and I’m extremely thankful for my health, the kids and my blessed life.


Cribb's are going green.

A Wednesday off work? I don’t know what to do with myself. Mess around and drink beer. Check. In honor of St. Patrick the Cribb family put on our green and headed out for a […]


easter weekend at the cribb

We had a great easter weekend catching up with friends and family. We wrangled the kids just long enough to take a family photo. I’m also including a classic picture of Mr. Garry Cribb eating […]


easter egg hunt

Phase one of marketing easter is over. This morning we had our annual easter egg hunt in the new backyard. The boys were so fired up over an easter egg hunt I thought some one […]