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Samsung Galaxy II on Sprint

Ok the new Samsung products are looking pretty cool. Sprint be the first in the U.S. to launch a Samsung Galaxy S II product with the Sept. 16 availability of Epic 4G Touch. This is […]


sprint biz 360

Sprint’s new campaign came out this week to provide Solutions to Small Business. Sprint Biz360 is a concept for providing products and services that fit together to meet your business needs. Check out the new […]


Motorola Xprt

The MOTOROLA XPRT is part business, part casual. It’s an elegant and efficient smartphone that helps you stay productive at work, but also knows when it’s time to play. MOTOROLA XPRT has an optimized portrait-oriented […]


true unlimited access

In Sprint’s new TV commercial, the carrier points out that AT&T Mobility and Verizon “charge you extra for going over 2 GB of data.” “T-Mobile claims they’re unlimited, but use your phone a lot, and […]


Sprint Announces EVO View Tablet

Sprint announced at CTIA that it will launch a version of the Flyer HTC tablet named the EVO View 4G. The EVO View feels sturdy and well built; more so than the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy […]


Sprint announces the EVO 3D

Sprint kicked off CTIA 2011 by announcing the HTC Evo 3D. The handset continues the Android experience you’ve seen in previous members of the Evo family, but adds Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 3D camera. […]


sprints new dual screen echo is announced

Summoning illusionist David Blaine to help with the hype, Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse on Monday unveiled a first-of-its-kind dual-screen smart phone made for multi-tasking and with the potential to splice two screens into one […]


htc evo shift from Sprint rolled out

If you’re watching the Android happenings lately on the US carriers, it seems like HTC and Motorola are continuing to battle it out for supremacy. Announced only a few weeks ago, Sprint brings us the […]


Sprint’s magical announcement

Sprint has sent an event notification to the media for an event to be held on Feb 7. Speculations have been swirling around that the announcement might be the sprint iphone but, that probably won’t […]


CES kicks off!

The consumer electronics show kicks off in Vegas today with a key note from Microsoft and an plethora of gadgets, tablets, smartphones, 3D TV’s and gaming systems. Access CNET CES site for the best coverage […]


Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab proved to be the product of IFA and CTIA 2010, and has seldom left the headlines since its debut. Seven inches of Android slate, it promises to be the open alternative to […]


Sprint ID is here!

Sprint, in partnership with big names like Notre Dame, Oprah and MTV, announced its Sprint ID service for Android today at the carrier’s CTIA press event (see the liveblog here). Sprint ID takes the idea […]


Sprint says no to tiered 4G service offerings

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse today said that he doesn’t anticipate Sprint adopting the tiered pricing models for 4G data services that have been floated by rivals AT&T and Verizon. Speaking at the EmTech conference at […]


HTC EVO the world’s first 4G phone – Available Now

At last the coolest and fastest Andriod phone ever is here! Sprint is now officially selling the EVO 4G as of last Friday. The EVO 4G packs powerful specs and a lot of features in […]


Sprint 4G ipad…oh yes its true

Sprint has beat At&t to the punch to offer what people really need is 4G to power their new ipad. Sprint has put together a nice new package with their 4G Overdrive mobile hotspot and […]


Sprint – the now network


htc evo – the worlds first 4G phone

Well ok, the phone is not going to be called Supersonic (which I kind of like) but, it is going to be super high on the awesome scale.  Dan Hesse announced yesteday at CTIA and […]


Test it before you buy it online at Sprint

Did you ever buy a cellphone that you had seen pictures of, read the specs of, dreamed of owning, and then when you took it home, you hated it? Sprint is now offering “DemoAnywhere” a […]


Sprint Nexus One coming soon

It seems like all the major US mobile providers want a Google Nexus One that is compatible with their network and to help build their customer base. First came the Nexus One in January to […]