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mobile app news

I love my ipad and my android tablet and working on becoming an app master. I’ve been playing catchup on my video podcasts for apps.   Here are some notable and must haves. Livestand – news […]


htc evo shift from Sprint rolled out

If you’re watching the Android happenings lately on the US carriers, it seems like HTC and Motorola are continuing to battle it out for supremacy. Announced only a few weeks ago, Sprint brings us the […]


Essential Android Apps

New to android phone or looking for some premium apps? Check out this list of the best of the best Android Apps to download and use with your Android phone. The top list is derived […]


Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab proved to be the product of IFA and CTIA 2010, and has seldom left the headlines since its debut. Seven inches of Android slate, it promises to be the open alternative to […]


saving battery life on your Android phone

With today’s smartphones able to do so many things from making/taking phone calls, to watching streaming videos, listening to music, sending/receiving text messages, and downloading tons of apps, addressing the issue of battery life is […]


Business leaning more toward Android devices

Network world ran a web article recently power packed full of information that they obtained from Change Wave. The research is from a new study they have been doing on company telecom buying patterns. Companies […]


xm sirius satellite radio android app

That’s right, how cool is this going to be? Imaging firing up your sprint EVO 4G phone clicking on the xm sirius app and streaming all 120 satellite radio stations right through your mobile device. […]