Monthly Archives: April 2011


online and mobile at american express – web 2.0 expo

David Messenger Online Mobile Guy for American Express at the web 2.0 expo this year talking mobile payments. [youtube]


critical thinking for UX designers – web 2.0 expo

Stephen Anderson (PoetPainter), Russ Unger (Happy Cog) at web 2.0 2011. Critical Thinking forUX Designers (Workshop) View more presentations from Stephen Anderson


gamification – web 2.0 expo 2011

Amy Jo Kim talks gaming, products and design. [youtube]


web 2.0 expo

Web 2.0 expo finished up a couple of weeks ago and was working on catching up on videos and presentations of this years event. I couldn’t go this year but seeing what I missed here: […]


mobile phone turns 38!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mobile Phone! Handheld mobile phones have come a long way from the first call made by inventor Martin Cooper on a Manhattan street corner in 1973, when a 2.2 pound, nearly $4,000 […]


Mercury… the new views

Mercury isn’t exactly the solar system’s most colorful planet, but you can make out subtle shades in this first color image from Messenger. Major craters on Mercury are named after artists, authors, composers and other […]