Monthly Archives: October 2009


todd is checking out for a few days…

If you need me for anything this weekend, I’ll be on the polo grounds in Cochella somewhere in this crowd at the phish festival.


fall time in the midwest

Skyler and Wesley helped me today with the influx of leaves falling by the minute. They took some time to jump in the pile and to pose for the camera.


web marketing awards announced

The Web marketing association announced its 2009 web awards recently.  Checkout the long list of award winners.  Sprint Covergence site won with the help of a local based VML team for the telecomm industry. Great […]


windows mobile phones

With the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 last week, microsoft is still hoping to be a leader in the tight cell phone market. There are lots of new devices popping up on the radar that […]


the history of the mobile phone

Remember those bag phones and giant appliance type blocks that people used to tote around for phones. Man have we come along way since the 70’s.  CIO magazine has an interactive spot on the history […]


moon bomb

The LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) mission launched in June with its main goal to look for frozen water reserves on the moon by literally blowing up an area at the Moon’s south […]


knowing your user base

Original post – 09.24.2007 Designing web sites is tricky business in today’s market. Knowing your user base is a key to developing optimal designs that will render correctly in your user’s browser. The market is […]


enterprise 2.0

Original post – 09.23.2007 The Enterprise 2.0 conference was held in Boston this summer. If your company is not actively using Enterprise 2.0 tools to foster collaboration and communication, they should be. From my personal […]


life outside the cube

Original Post – 09.22.2007 We’ll, it’s been about over a month since I stepped away at my post as Web Product Manager for the “he who should not be named” company. JPMorgan.  Life outside the […]


Web 2.0 expo 2007

Original post – 06.24.2007 I recently attended the Web 2.0 expo conference in San Francisco, CA. The Web 2.0 Expo is companion event to the web 2.0 summit put on by O’Reilly media. The event […]


world usability day

Original post – 11.13.2006 Today is World Usability Day. A day set aside for design and development guru’s to embrace their united objective to drive technology and create a better world for all citizens everywhere. […]


online social communities

Original post – 07.26.2006 If you have not heard of the concept of online social communities, get on board now because it here to stay. The web continues to evolve with the popularity of several […]


I’m always on the search for awesome tech blog type sites that will quickly keep me updated in whats new and hot in todays ultra fast high tech world.  I ran across and was […]


Google Local Search

Google launched Place Pages, their attempt to become a top destination for finding info on local restaurants and businesses by aggregating reviews, details, photos, and maps and placing them on pages separate from a Google […]