the rise of the tablet

Industry analysts are are predicting the tablet to be the new must have gadget well into the next decade. 2010 was the introduction of the ipad and Galaxy S tab as well as a big rise in kindle, nook and a plethora of new tablet devices. In a couple of years this market will be exploding.

The data in the infographic presents hockey-stick growth scenarios for iPad and others. What’s probably most surprising is how mainstream their appeal is with a whopping 14% of online shoppers saying they plan to purchase an iPad in the next five months. Total tablet sales are expected to rise 1000% by 2014. This Info grapahic was produced by Morgan Stanley and Forrester and laid out by Focus and highlighhted byfast company.

Early nasayers dissed the iPad, saying they couldn’t understand what you’d use it for. But what might be the most insightful points on the infographic are at the end. The gaming industry probably stands to be rocked the hardest by tablets, since they relegate most handheld gaming systems to the trash.

The tablet exceptations for the coming years.

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