The new family of browsers…social browsers

We are so used to the old browser wars where IE , Firefox, Chrome battle it out over market share but with mobile and social networking gaining popularity there is a whole new crop of browser wars starting. In the mobile field Opera/Opera Mini and Skyfire are beginning to play a bigger part in our browsing lifestyle. Check out a list from of mobile browsers.

In the social networking field, there are a couple of new upstarts this year putting an interesting new twist on the browser interface of Chrome. The new browsers are RockMelt and Flock. RockMelt access is based on your Facebook login. You download it, you use your existing Facebook username and password, and you’re ready to get your social on. Flock doesn’t require you to create a new Flock account, although you have to be able to synchronize your data across computers. Both browsers synchronize your data to the cloud, so there’s no hassle to use either one on multiple computers. RockMelt wins on strategy for cutting out the registration process but, is currently restricted by invitation.

Check out RockMelt online

Check out Flock online

See the Cnet full article with video and commentary.

RockMelt - New chrome based social browser

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