Test it before you buy it online at Sprint

Did you ever buy a cellphone that you had seen pictures of, read the specs of, dreamed of owning, and then when you took it home, you hated it? Sprint is now offering “DemoAnywhere” a web based service that allows potential buyers to test drive a phone before buying it. A potential customer will have the chance to see how the interface and features work and offers step-by-step tutorials for 34 Sprint handsets. The tutorials explain things like how to set up email accounts, transferring music from a PC to the phone, how to search and share your location and basically explains how the phone handles all of its features. One section shows the different things that you can do with the selected phone and a video tour of the handset is also available. Check out any of the 34 devices that you can “demo anywhere”, by accessing Sprint’s Support site, selecting the phone and reviewing the tutorials.

Source: Sprint

Demo tutorials online now at sprint.com

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