Sprint Nexus One coming soon

It seems like all the major US mobile providers want a Google Nexus One that is compatible with their network and to help build their customer base. First came the Nexus One in January to work with T-Mobile’s 3G/UMTS 900/AWS/2100MHz network, and then came a new version to work specifically on AT&T’s (and Rogers) 3G/UMTS 850/900/2100MHz networks. We also knew that Verizon was going to get their own CDMA/EVDO Rev A. version, which is expected out in a few weeks. Sprint has now announced plans that there will be a specific Nexus One compatible with their network, and will be sold directly on-line through the Google Phone Store. Now all 4 major US providers will have a Nexus One that will be compatible with their respective networks.

Source: Sprint

Coming soon to Sprint...

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