Sprint Supersonic HTC 4G google phone

Hold out on getting that iphone with expensive plan through the spotty ATT network… Because the king of cool phones is on its way. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has told Forbes that his company is about to drop something bigger than a pin on the cellphone industry. According to Hesse, a HTC manufactured WiMax Android phone will be offered by the carrier this Summer. The handset will run on the 4G network being built out by Sprint with Clearwire Corp. that currently reaches 27 markets or 30 million people. Those figures will rise by the end of the year to 120 million people and include such major cities as New York, Boston, San Francisco and Washington. The carrier says that 4G is up to 10 times faster than 3G which certainly helps to keep those pipelines running with streaming video and data. During a recent conference call with analysts on February 10th, CEO Hesse said that 2010 is “The Year of 4G” and that the company is working with “several equipment manufacturers that will embed 4G capability into dozens of devices.”

The HTC phone appears to be the HTC  Supersonic which Sprint execs say will have a dual Ev-Do/WiMax radio and will be targeted to business and governmental workers besides consumers.  The speculation and anticipation are rolling wide across America for the rumored Sprint 4G phone that have eveyone a buzz. Why you say?  Because 4G is awesome, Sprint is awesome, HTC is awesome, Google Andriod OS is awesome, and 4.3 big screens are awesome. So, the rumors so far have been that the unit will have a 4.3-inch non-AMOLED display, possible kick stand on the back (like the Imagio), targeted to run Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI, snapdragon fast processors, maybe a white and black style available…

Sprint HTC Supersonic coming this summer - concept photo

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