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Google+ is finally here!

Google+ is finally live and working well. Google+ has been dubbed Google’s last chance to break into the social media scene. While early attempts Buzz / Wave / etc did not lead to success for […]


Google goes Topeka

Google has a handful of April Fool spoofs with google jail and their home screen today has the google logo reading Topeka. Kansas that is. You may of heard that Topeka changed their name to […]


Sprint Supersonic HTC 4G google phone

Hold out on getting that iphone with expensive plan through the spotty ATT network… Because the king of cool phones is on its way. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has told Forbes that his company is […]


Mobile Blogging with Google

Google recently released a less complicated way of linking up your phone with one or more of your Blogger blogs. It put the settings to post to a specific blog through your phone or e-mail […]


“Lively” the new 3-D virtual reality from Google

Original Post 07.16.2008 Three-dimensional virtual-reality-based social networking. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Google is at it again creating a new Beta called Lively that allows users to create avatars and virtual worlds to hang out in. […]


Google Sync and Google Voice

Google Sync The Blackberry used to be the only option for corporate mobile email.  Its proprietary push email capability works great on millions of work phones around the world.  Google Sync is a relatively new product that […]