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The mobile cribb will begin a series of ipad app entries to highlight cool apps for the ipad. This week we feature a few suggested apps from summer webisodes of ipad today. Thanks Leo and Sara!  www.twit.tv.  Getting caught up my tech podcasts from the year.

Diptic – photography app

NatureSpace – meditation and space music app

National Geographic – top 50 photos – nat geo photo app

Epson Iprint – printer app from ipad to printer

Bing – search engine app

Atari’s greatest hits – classic gaming app



SkyGrid – news aggregator

Starbucks card mobile

Sound Hound

Mega weather clock – time and weather app

Google Reader –  googles book and reading app

Slingbox – tv recording and watch back app

Tiny Planet Photos – photography app

InstaGallery – instagram feeder app

News.me – news aggregator

Pinboard – bookmark favorites app

Qwiki – wiki search and render topics app


for more ipad apps checkout the apple store

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