iphone 5 rumors

iphone 5 rumors are continuing to swirl around. The breakdown is documented via infographic but the skinny shapes up to be:

•White models: It is highly probable that the iPhone 5 will be available in white.
•A5 processor: Revealed at the iPad 2 launching, the iPhone 5 will have the A5 processor.
•Bigger screen: The screen could measure between four and five inches.
•Better camera: The iPhone 5 could include an 8 megapixel digital camera or more.
•More RAM: The iPhone 5 could include 1 GB RAM.
•Enhanced voice controls: With the new iOS 5, the existing voice controls could be enhanced and new ones added.
•NFC technology: Whether it is to pay or to get access to your Apple accounts from any Mac, it could include the NFC technology.
•CDMA technology: As it is already the case for the CDMA iPhone 4, an iPhone 5 model equipped with a CDMA chip is highly possible.

The rumor probability matrix...

Via The Atlantic

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