Layers, Visual Spaces and Microsites

Been researching best in class microsites and contemplating the effectiveness of agency created microsites. Some rich media concepts for corporations call for a desired separate microsites to convey a message , product and or solution. Some work and some don’t. I believe its all in the way you organize the design and the connection points. Nike recently rolled out one of many for a better world… This is a rich media environment built to build the message around the product and its connections with the world. This site uses layers and different speeds on the scrolling. The unique layering technique give the site a 3D feel which is all the rage. The connection points lead to some separate nike product sites built for emersive video messaging. Thanks Nitro team for a great week with the creative concept charge and recommending the site.

Check it out at

I saw another neat layer effect recently on the think geek site. They make good use of the left and right space in the background on a centered site layout. At the end of your scroll it fades to a different scene. Nice use of simple layers to create visual spaces that capture a sense.

Check it out at

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