Verizon launches iPhone 4

Well Well Well, It’s Verizon’s big day: Apple’s game-changing iPhone 4 has arrived to its network, ready to steal millions of unsatisfied customers from AT&T and launch Apple’s share price into the stratosphere. Verizon launched the big reveal by announcing at a live event, “Today we’re brinigng to market the fruit of our strategic partnership with another giant of the high tech industry, and that’s Apple.” The iPhone is coming to Verizon, officially, on February 10, 2011.” The 16GB model will cost $199.99, and the 32GB edition runs at $299.99, and both come with a two-year activation requirement–paralleling the pricing and availability on AT&T. The phone is a CDMA conversion of Apple’s existing iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 on Verizon includes the ability for the phone to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to five other Wi-Fi users to utilize the iPhone’s 3G data connection. So, all the fan fare and media frenzy can call it a day.

Note: There will be no 4G LTE on this phone which is a fail. And a top tier, all you can consume for voice, data and text, is going to run you around 120 bucks a month. Ouch. High price to pay for a device with no 4G speed.

One of the Ads that I will get sick of seeing all the time.

One of many announcements of today’s events – Fast Company article

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