web 3.0 – means what?

I’ve been hearing alot of buzz lately concerning web 3.0. Just what is this web 3.0? Well the answer is not simple. As we conceptualized web 2.0 for the last several years, we are still formulating the overall definition of what defines web 2.0. The same will happen for web 3.0. What we do know is that the web 3.0 term will be used to loosely define the new generation of web strategy , concepts and approaches to sites as we move into this new decade. We also know that the term “semantic web” and “personalization” will play a big role in defining web 3.0. I ran across a good site that has organized some of the concepts as of September of 2010. Stay tuned … it will be a fun ride to help define the term web 3.0.

Read the full article by labnol.org with several presentations of web 3.0 concepts.

Where is it headed?

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