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Infoworld recently posted a top ten list for great iphone apps for business users. There are approximately 10,000 apps on the apple app store. User based popular rankings help but, I’d like to see more of this type of ranking and informational pieces for apps. Its just easier to review a suggested app online and do a search for it.

Here is Curtis Franklin for Infoworlds picks…

Dropbox – Free
When you need to move files back and forth between two (or more) computers on the same desk or in the same office, you have a number of options. When you need to move files between devices in different states, your options are rather more limited, and most of those options are in the cloud. One of the most popular for desktop computers is Dropbox, which is now available for the iPhone.

Evernote – Free
Ask many Windows users who switch to the Mac which application they miss the most and they’ll cite OneNote. Microsoft’s note organizer and personal database is a stellar product for anyone who lives and breathes data and notes. Since OneNote is not available on either the Mac or the iPhone, alternatives are important, and the best replacement I’ve found is Evernote.

Documents to Go – 9.99
Like it or not, dealing with files in Microsoft Office formats is part of business life for pretty much everyone. Looking at Office documents is the less difficult piece of the puzzle; Dropbox offers that functionality. But for editing and creating Office-format content, you want Documents to Go. Two versions are available.

NTRconnect – Free
The iPhone is a great platform, but there are times when you require the functionality of a personal computer. When you need to reach out and touch your computer from far, far away, NTRconnect is your ticket. There are two versions of the program, NTRconnect Free, which gives you remote access to two computers (Windows, Mac, or Linux), and NTRconnect Pro (starting at $6.95 per month), which allows you access to as many computers as you’d like, along with features like file transfer and local printing of remote files.

GeeTasks – 2.99
I hate to admit it, but I am more productive when I have a task list to keep me moving forward. I’ve used, over the years, tons of tools (both paper and electronic) to help me with this, and I’ve found that having an easily portable system is crucial. Because I’m lazy, I also want something that integrates with the rest of what I do so that I’m not scattered in 93 different directions when I try to remember where I wrote something. Google Tasks covers most of what I need from an electronic task list, and GeeTasks is a fine way of keeping my Google Tasks in front of me when I’m moving around in the world.

Scanner Pro – 4.99
OK, a confession: I dislike dealing with most business paper. I’d much rather have the information in electronic form, where I can search for it, store it, index it, and use it in various useful ways. To turn paper from on-the-road pocket clutter to useful information takes a scanner, and Scanner Pro is a great way to do so using an iPhone.

FTP on the Go – 6.99
I wasn’t always a Webmaster, but maintaining a Web site has become part of my regular business life, as it has for thousands of people in countless large and small businesses. When you need to get an image from your iPhone’s camera to a Web site, or quickly replace that file displaying an actionable typo, nothing works like FTP. There are several FTP clients for the iPhone, but FTP on the Go is a solid, no-fuss client that allows you to transfer files as well as create directories, delete files, and perform all the other server-based file management tasks we’ve come to expect from a personal computer FTP client.

BizExpense – 4.99
Here’s another confession: I hate doing expense reports, as does everyone I know. I’m not sure whether BizExpense makes doing expense reports any less onerous, but it does make it much easier to keep up with the process on the road so that I don’t have to spend a day remembering what I ate on that last trip.

pTerm – 4.99
There are times when nothing but a green screen will do. Whether you’re trying to remotely manage a piece of network infrastructure or simply need to kick-start a server, basic data terminals are still the right tools for a surprising number of applications. When one of the green screen times crops up while you’re away from a convenient computer, pTerm is an in-your-hand way to VT-100 happiness.

TripIt – Free
I’ve tried to keep away from applications that require subscribing to a service, but there are times when it’s unavoidable. GeeTasks, Dropbox, and Evernote all have components in the cloud, and keeping up with your travel details is, I think, also a good fit for the cloud.

Graphing Calculator. GraphCalc is a nice graphing calculator application that has everything I need (except Reverse Polish Notation). Price: 99 cents | iTunes link
iBlogger. When I need to blog without my computer, this app, from the people who wrote the Mac blog tool Ecto, is my tool of choice. Price: $9.99 | iTunes link
Dragon Dictation. When I need my hands for other things and want to dictate a note, tweet, blog post, or e-mail, Dragon Dictate lets me do it. This doesn’t have the same sensitivity and accuracy as Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it’s surprisingly good given the relatively low power of the iPhone platform. Price: Free | iTunes link

myStarbucks. I can remember my own coffee order, but when I travel I sometimes just want to know where the nearest Starbucks is, and this app tells me. When an iPhone app can lead to latte and Wi-Fi, it’s a very good thing. Price: Free | iTunes link

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