the industry standard is back

Original Post 1/9/2008
The news icon of the dot-com era is making a come back. The new Industry Standard Web site rolled out this week ten years after ten initial launch. The popular magazine for tech and web types went strong for three years and then folded in the wake of massive layoffs when the dot-com bubble burst. In 2000, the company gained over 140 million in revenues. The new has a payroll of 4 people and a host of outside contributors and bloggers have help build back the presence of the company. The group plans on keeping the new company providing online only media for now. I checked out the site this week and found a great article on Web 3.0. The article summarized Web 2.0 as interaction web and Web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalization. I though it was right on the mark. So, if your company just now getting around to those “Web 2.0” initiatives that have been on the list , you better add a couple more requirements on. In today’s tough economy, ecommerce sites will have to pull off their Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 intiatives in 2008 to stay ahead of competition. Your plan in 2008 should be to take what you know about your users and push recommendations and personalization on your site. Implement interaction features to draw people into the site, shore up your security and get users comfortable with creating accounts and logging in to receive their personalized experience tailored to their needs and wants.
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