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easter at thecribb

Ha. The easter egg hunt is on. Fabulous spring weather and the kids had a great time over the weekend. Ate a great Mercer meal at mom’s and chilled on the porch with the family.


Snow sledding over the holiday break

Since we have gotten so much snow we had to take a day for some sledding around town. Here are a few shots of the family hitting the slopes.


Skyler's second grade photo

My little boy growing up quickly. Here is Skyler’s second grade photo – wild hair and all.


Laura turns 40!

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife who turned 40 today. She is awesome.


Remember this guy?

That’s right Garry Cribb Age 29. Living the dream! You go Dad.


We are family

In the mornings we divide and conquer on getting the kids to school.  In the evenings we split up and read to each boy.  We are a family and for the most part play man […]