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Happy Birthday Wesley – Number 4

Happy Birthday Wes! We had a family party to celebrate Wesley forth birthday this week. He had been in heaven playing with all the awesome presents he received. Thanks so much, says Wes.



Quote of the night on cinco de mayo was made by Wes… After riding his scooter for awhile after school, he comes in plops off his shoes and says, ” Dad smell my feet” and […]


Scooby Doo

We have watched so much Scooby Doo lately that Wesley is starting to talk in a “Shaggy” voice.  He also has “Scooby” Doo voice down.  Rilarious. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsIF0Vy88n8&hl=en&fs=1]


March Madness

Wow.  We are having a blast watching sports these days.  Wesley and Skyler have enjoyed rooting on the Mizzou Tigers in the NCAA tourney this year and we have been watching some spring training baseball.  […]


Can't we all just get along?

The boys are struggeling with a how to get along these days.  Thank god it’s spring time in the midwest so we can push them outside and they have more room to spread out.  This […]


Wesley Cribb – Age 3

Wes just got his photos back from picture day at his school.  Handsome man!  Boy he is growing up fast, so down kid.


My Boys

Had a great time hanging out with the boys tonight.  We were having too much fun apparently… When it was time to go to bed everyone was pissed off that the fun had stopped and […]


wesley is a lil kicker

Wes is playing lil kickers soccer out at All American this spring.  He is having a blast and is quite a good dribbler and shooter at age 3.  Only about 15 more years until he […]


Wesley's Day Care

Wes moved to new day care last year and he has been busy leading a new group of peers through daily routines for 3 year olds.  This new group has animals in his room and certain animals […]


Sky Sled

We have been playing in the snow all weekend, finally getting in some winter style fun.  Skyler and Wes did some sleding today and had a snowball fight that lasted about 45 seconds until Wes […]


cozy up to the fire

We were cold last night so the boys and I made a roaring fire.  Here is Wesley sitting shotgun at the fire spot.