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Winter sticking around

The cold snap in the Midwest keeps rolling on and on in the early days of 2014.  It’s march and spring is coming but not soon enough. Here are some shots over the last few […]


still cold…

Well its still cold here in the Midwest waiting for each day to get warmer. Here are a few shots of the boys around the ‘hood. Taking a few days off around St. Patty Day […]


snow snow snow

What a crazy winter , when is it really going to stop snowing in the midwest? I’m ready for warm summer evenings on the deck. Here is Wes eating some snow last week.


Snow sledding over the holiday break

Since we have gotten so much snow we had to take a day for some sledding around town. Here are a few shots of the family hitting the slopes.


Sky Sled

We have been playing in the snow all weekend, finally getting in some winter style fun.  Skyler and Wes did some sleding today and had a snowball fight that lasted about 45 seconds until Wes […]