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out for dinner

Been eating out alot for dinner around town. Here is a shot of laura on her birthday with Skyler at Blanc burgers. The other shot is of Todd and Wesley at Noodle and Company. Yum.


Boys on the first day of school

Here are my boys ready for school. Skyler is in 3rd grade and Wesley is attending preschool.


wizards vs manchester united

Kansas city hosted a friendly against manchester united this weekend at arrowhead stadium. Took the kids and dave and met up with conner to watch the wiz beat the english premier league team at their […]


mom's rock

Mothers Day was last weekend – Mom’s are awesome. Went to chris and megan’s who were hosting a moms brunch.


the ant hill

The boys were checking out an ant hill in the back yard. They thought it was super cool.


first day of spring … my arse

After a spring tease this week another big snow storm blew in on the first day of spring here in the Midwest. We have 8 inches and counting. The good thing is I have quit […]


spring is coming…

Had one great day on Thursday hanging around the cribb with 65 degree weather with plenty of warm sunshine. Hung out with the kids all day and even squeezed in some time to paint trim […]


Soccer, Pizza and the Burble

Saturday Night out with the boys. Played an indoor soccer game and then went and got some pizza with the family. Snapped the last and final picture of the Burble before we dismantle it for […]


still cold…

Well its still cold here in the Midwest waiting for each day to get warmer. Here are a few shots of the boys around the ‘hood. Taking a few days off around St. Patty Day […]


snow snow snow

What a crazy winter , when is it really going to stop snowing in the midwest? I’m ready for warm summer evenings on the deck. Here is Wes eating some snow last week.


homeade burble

I took down our christmas lights last weekend. Well kind of….I took some of the colored lights and put them in our mega bush outside our front window. Form of a homeade burble. Now the […]



Quote of the night on cinco de mayo was made by Wes… After riding his scooter for awhile after school, he comes in plops off his shoes and says, ” Dad smell my feet” and […]



We found a dead bat in the back yard tonight and Wesley decided that he would become batboy in order to ward off any more bats.


headbangers ball

I’ve been working with the kids on their headbanging skills. Here is a warm up this morning we had to some Metallica. [youtube=]


Thunder Snow

Well, here in the Midwest you’re never sure what the weather going to do. This weekend we had a round of Thunder Snow move through the area. Starting as rain, then sleet, then snow. We […]



We have to get creative as the Winter drags on in the Midwest… Here we are hosting our first annual batman motorcycle jump-a-thon last month.  Even Scout gets invovled as a prop. [youtube=]


My Boys

Had a great time hanging out with the boys tonight.  We were having too much fun apparently… When it was time to go to bed everyone was pissed off that the fun had stopped and […]


Sky Sled

We have been playing in the snow all weekend, finally getting in some winter style fun.  Skyler and Wes did some sleding today and had a snowball fight that lasted about 45 seconds until Wes […]


Finally a snow storm, brrr…

It’s snowing!  Finally a snow storm in Kansas City.  If it’s going to be cold, then it might as well snow here in Kansas/Missouri.  Last night we got a few inches and I’m trying to […]