Cool Mind Art

There is a whole genre of art elements that are desinged to play tricks on the brain and visual perception. Here is a sample of some of the best and well known art examples.

How many ships can you see?

Arches and ships

Ever wanted to rock out on your rooftop? Would you see faces in the crowd or just houses?

Houses or Faces

Horses in the rocky mountains. Look closely and you should be able to see 7.

How many Horses

A couple of old faces or a mexican fiesta?

People or Faces


Reality and Picture Puzzle blurred.


How many creepy people can you see cloaked out in white garb?

How many?

Small deer or big deer? How many deer can you identify? look closer…


Back in rome things weren’t what they always seemed. Look at the middle column, where does it end?

Middle Column

People in people. Whoa. Can you see all four people in this picture?

All Four People

Who is the tallest of these miltary looking dudes? Aren’t they all the same size?

The Tallest General


The famous Liar Face! Is is a face of a man or the word Liar? Or both…

Liar Face


What do you see here? Can you find the word lift? or just a bunch of black splotches…

The word Lift


Mountain faces. There are 11 human faces in the picture. The average person can spot about 5.

How many faces can you see?

This classic is called the Baby womb. Can you see the baby?

Can you see the baby?

Most from unknown sources with reference to and

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