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Original Post – 09.22.2007

We’ll, it’s been about over a month since I stepped away at my post as Web Product Manager for the “he who should not be named” company. JPMorgan.  Life outside the cubical is great, there is so much more going on in the real world. It is so easy to get caught up in TPS reports, change controls, weekly staff meetings, IM’s, emails, issues lists, and conference calls with New York, that time just seems to disappear. After 14 or so years, I have received a much needed break to give me some time to think and focus on the next phase of my life. It’s been really refreshing and I’m looking forward to setting up shop somewhere new. Now that I have had some time to pull back, gather my thoughts and figure out what I want to do everything is starting to come into focus. After all, good thinkers need time to think, right? I’ve reviewed thousands of job postings over the last 5 weeks and found some great opportunities out West. I’ve been in discussions with several companies around the US about coming to work for them to be their next workplace superstar. I recently read a great article from Info Week that outlines five seemingly unconventional ideas that will lead you to be the next career superstar. I’ve been focused on each one of these tasks lately so the article hit close to home when I read it. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to start blogging every day as I have been meaning to do so for a long time. I’m back to enjoying life, are you?

The daily routine inside the cube.

The daily routine inside the cube.

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